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Changing the Game

We have made a name for ourselves in the correctional industry since the 1990's, becoming the industry's largest installed base and defining the standards of electronic plumbing control systems. Now, we are bringing the reliability, efficiency, and innovation we're known for to the commercial industry.

We are changing the game with the ProLAST® T-Seal. This revolutionary technology replaces diaphragms in flush valves with better performance, reliability, and water efficiency than anything else on the market.


The ProLAST® T-Seal is the only single-unit design product on the market, eliminating issues of failed multiple parts and reducing maintenance.

ProLAST® T-Seal Comparison


The ProLAST® T-Seal saves time and money. It lasts up to 5x longer than industry standard diaphragms. It can seal as low as 12 PSI and has the largest filtered bypass.


With the ProLAST® T-Seal technology, our flush valves are the most accurate system on the market. Our valves have the smallest flush volume variance as compared to competitors.

Flush valve accuracy scatter plot

The New Standard - Applied


Automated ProLAST® T-Seal technology in a high performance, sensor flush valve.


The power of ProLAST® T-Seal technology in a basic, manual flush valve.

ProLAST® Retrofit Kit

Upgrade to ProLAST® T-Seal technology with a quick, convenient flush valve retrofit kit.