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"3.34 million gallons of water were saved in the first two months."

Alachua County Jail, Alachua, FL

"Previously, the jail used an average of about 36 million gallons of water per fiscal year for a cost of $230,000. The reduction system should result in a savings of between 16 and 17 million gallons of water per fiscal year...the system is projected to pay for itself in about 8.5 years. 3.34 million gallons of water were saved in the first two months...the new water reduction system may save the County $275,000 for an upgrade to the existing sewer lift station that was thought to be needed due to the 168 bed jail expansion project...may make this upgrade unnecessary. As government agencies countywide move to implement green solutions, the importance of energy and water performance contracting will only grow. In the end, saving water is good for the environment and also good for the bottom line."

- Charlie Jackson
Facilities Manager

"In fact, everyone that I dealt with at I-CON was professional and knowledgeable about your product."

Marble Valley Regional Correctional, Rutland, VT

"Our 'tunnels' are rather small, cramped, damp, dirty and musty, yet you had no problem jumping right in and helping us out. Your knowledge of plumbing and correctional facilities was outstanding...” (Referring to Ray Elliott, I-CON's National Sales Manager). "...I called and talked with Ed and he’s very knowledgeable as well and answered all my questions and provided me with all the information that I needed... After I received an emergency purchase number I called Ed and he put me in touch with you. I sent you some photos of our equipment and you sent us all the correct parts and helped with the installation... I can’t give enough praise to Linda, Ed and you (Ray), you guys went above and beyond."

- Jim Yager
Institutional Maintenance Mechanic

"I have become a strong supporter of the I-CON flush valve system."

North Kern State Prison, Delano, CA

"[Here is] a personal account of my experience with commercial toilet valves, particularly Sloan and I-CON, over the past 30 years in the industry... [I]n an older piping system, and even more prevalent, in a system that is disturbed by fluctuating flows that stir up debris, the problems are a daily occurrence... I became familiar with the I-CON flush system around 1995 while supervising the Plumbing Department at [a large prison in the Central Valley of California]... I spoke with several plant supervisors across the country in several jail systems as to their experiences. In all cases, there was a tremendous, long-term satisfaction in the [I-CON] devices... I have become a strong supporter of the I-CON flush valve system..."

- Jim Greer
Chief Engineer

"No surprises have been encountered and I-CON has provided excellent support."

John E. Goode Pre-Trial Detention Facility, Jacksonville, FL

Conversion of plumbing system control to I-CON components began about two and a half years ago is being accomplished in phases as the budget allows, and is currently in progress. All showers were converted in the first phase, combies were converted in the second phase, and individual water closets and lavatories are being converted in the third phase. I-CON valves are being used exclusively. "No surprises" have been encountered and I-CON has provided excellent support. The system is considered reliable and has "cut maintenance way down". Quantity of debris collected at the traveling screen has decreased. Institution staff is anxious to have the remainder of the installation completed.

- Excerpt from a user survey performed by a third party

"It works. I-CON valves are more cost effective..."

Fresno County Jail, Fresno, CA

Six months after I-CON installed a demonstration system, $100,000 was allocated for installation of combie control systems in ADSEG, Mental Health, and single person lockdown units. Installation went smoothly with only minor problems and was completed in June or July of 2000. The systems perform as expected and are considered reliable. Prior to installation of I-CON components, maintenance was a significant issue with problems caused by sand and diaphragm cracking. The I-CON valve has reduced valve problems. It works. The system has reduced water consumption on a relative basis depending on the type of inmate housing. New dorms are under construction and I-CON is being used exclusively in these. I-CON valves are more cost effective than Sloan.

- Excerpt from a user survey performed by a third party

"The push buttons are the best..."

J.E Polk Correctional Facility, Sanford, FL

The I-CON systems have been in service for seven or eight years. Waterclosets, lavatories, showers, and combies are all controlled by I-CON. Only I-CON valves are used. The system is reliable and considered "a good system". "The push buttons are the best." Maintenance requirements have been reduced. After about five years, some of the telephone plug cable ends were corroded and had to be replaced. Replacement of these has not been difficult. Security is improved as the institution staff now has capability to supervise inmate flushing. The system is recommended.

- Excerpt from a user survey performed by a third party