Commercial Industry Solutions

Saving water with smarter solutions

Changing the Game

We have made a name for ourselves in the correctional industry since the 1990's, becoming the industry’s largest installed base and defining the standards of electronic plumbing control systems. Now, we are bringing the reliability, efficiency, and innovation that we’re known for to the commercial industry.

We are changing the game with our sleek, modern fixtures that save even more water and money. Our commercial line features ProLAST's® revolutionary T-Seal technology, COBALT Connect's™ cutting-edge remote manageability, and our I-CON EDGE® intelligent, cloud-based water management system. I-CON products set a new standard for the future of water management.

Our products save time and money. With its single piece design and no moving parts, the T-Seal is low maintenance, lasts up to three times longer than comparable products on the market, and is 90% more efficient than the industry standard.

ProLAST® T-Seal

Intelligent Water Management

COBALT Connect™ and I-CON EDGE® work together to make maintenance easy and provide useful analytics. COBALT Connect™ records detailed logs about usage, water consumption, and more. This information is sent to I-CON EDGE™ where, from a single, easy-to-use dashboard, data can be sorted by building, floor, restroom, or even fixture. This streamlines the process of finding leaks, failing units, and soiled fixtures. In addition, usage can be monitored in real time and settings modified remotely, down to the individual fixture.

COBALT Connect™

Using the analytics collected, I-CON EDGE® can create predictive maintenance schedules specifically for the devices it manages. Not only are these schedules made from historical data, but they also account for current usage.

With our innovative, efficient, and reliable products, I-CON sets the new standard for the commercial industry.