I-CON Standard Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty Coverage

I-CON Systems, Inc. (I-CON) warrants that its commercial manufactured products are made of first-class materials, are free from defects, and are made to withstand normal use when installed properly.

Products have the following warranty periods: 3 years for COBALT®, COBALT Pro™, and COBALT Connect™ faucets and flush valves and I-CON EDGE® gateways. 1 year for all other products and decorative finishes. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase.

Products should be sent to I-CON at the customer's expense. I-CON will take a reasonable amount of time to determine if the product is defective and whether it will be repaired or replaced.

During the warranty period, items will either be (1) repaired at no charge using new replacement parts or (2) replaced with either a new similar product or one manufactured from new or serviceable used parts that is at minimum a functional equivalent to the original. The course of action will be determined at I-CON's discretion. Replacement products that are installed according to the instructions provided by I-CON will assume the remaining warranty of the original product.

The limited warranty is only applicable to the product's materials and workmanship. No claims for labor, transportation, or other incidental or consequential costs will be allowed. No extended warranties are available. THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCT IS LIMITED TO REPAIRING OR REPLACING THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.

Before installing and using products, the purchaser is responsible to determine the products' suitability and assumes all risks and liabilities related to the product.

This warranty only applies to persons and organizations that purchase I-CON products directly from I-CON or an authorized I-CON representative for the purpose of resale. This warranty does not apply to the life of batteries or other consumables.

Return Policy

I-CON strives for complete customer satisfaction. If customers suspect that a product is defective before or during installation, they should contact customer service by phone at +1 (866) 730-7192 or on the web at https://support.i-con.com.

Please do not remove or replace any parts from another finished product to do repairs. Incomplete or cannibalized items may not be covered under warranty.

Customer Service may issue a return material authorization (RMA) number for returns. All returns must be pre-authorized.

The following information is required for an RMA:

  • Invoice number (when applicable)
  • Product part number
  • Serial or lot code (when applicable)
  • Quantity
  • Reason for return
    • Please be specific and include the symptoms of the problem. Example: "Flush valve continuously runs."
    • Please note that products that are returned as defective but are found to be serviceable after inspection will be returned to the customer at their own expense and will be subject to handling fees.

All returns are shipped prepaid freight.

The RMA number must be visible on the outside of each shipped package or bulk shipment. RMA documentation provided by I-CON must be included in the package. If products are not received by I-CON within 90 days of issuing the RMA, the RMA will expire.

Once I-CON receives the packages, the products will be inspected. If there are no apparent defects, customers may be contacted to clarify the reason for the return.

The following conditions may cause repairs or replacements to be denied:

  • The RMA does not match
  • Components are missing
  • The product has been cannibalized
  • The warranty period has expired
  • The product has been damaged in the field
  • The product is not manufactured by I-CON
  • There are no defects
  • The product is not received by I-CON within 90 days of the RMA being issued

Products returned for reasons other than defects will be subject to a minimum 25% handling charge. Return freight is at the customer's expense.

Returned Goods

All new and unused products that are returned for credit must be returned either in the original, unopened shipping cartons or in suitable packaging. Please package the products so that they will not be damaged.

Standard commercial materials must be returned within 2 years of the original invoice date and will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking charge. Decorative finish products must be returned within 1 year of the original invoice date and will be subject to a 50% restocking charge. All other products must be returned within 1 year of the original invoice date and will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking charge. After 1 year, all other items are subject to a 50% restocking charge. Custom products and stainless-steel units are not returnable.

Deductions will be made for products that are not returned in saleable condition. These products will be returned to the customer or scrapped at the customer's request. Only merchandise credit is available.

Shortage / Damage Claims

I-CON must be notified of material shortages or incorrect quantities within 10 days of receipt. Any claims over 3 months old will not be honored. All complaints regarding damage during transit or a "short count" should be made directly to the carrier. Before the packages are unloaded, the carrier’s agent should provide a written acknowledgement of the damage on the bill of lading. This acknowledgment should be presented with a formal claim regarding the damage to the carrier.

I-CON is not responsible for typographical errors. Illustrations are of typical installations and options. Consult local codes and project specifications for proper installation. The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice.