High Security Fixtures

Innovative designs built to stand the test of time

Combination Fixtures

FXR-S-1010 Series

15" Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1020 Series

18" Combination Fixture


Quick Ship 18" Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1030 Series

20" Combination Fixture with Angled Toilet

FXR-S-1110 Series

18" Ligature Resistant Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1910 Series

ADA Combination Fixture

FXR-S-1920 Series

ADA Compact Combination Fixture

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FXR-S-4010 Series

15" Lavatory with Angled Sides

FXR-S-4020 Series

18" Lavatory with Angled Sides


Quick Ship 18" Lavatory with Angled Sides

FXR-S-4120 Series

20" Lavatory

FXR-S-4310 Series

18" Open Bottom Lavatory

FXR-S-4320 Series

20" Open Bottom Lavatory


Quick Ship 20" Open Bottom Lavatory

FXR-S-4910 Series

ADA Lavatory


Quick Ship ADA Lavatory

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FXR-S-5010 Series

Shower Panel

FXR-S-5110 Series

30" x 30" Shower Cabinet

FXR-S-5130 Series

36" x 36" Shower Cabinet

FXR-S-5910 Series

ADA Shower Panel

FXR-S-5960 Series

ADA Shower Cabinet

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FXR-S-3010 Series

On Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3020 Series

On Floor Siphon Jet Toilet


Quick Ship Front Access On Floor Siphon Jet Toilet with Top Supply


Quick Ship Front Access On Floor Siphon Jet Toilet with Back Supply

FXR-S-3110 Series

Off Floor Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3120 Series

Off Floor Siphon Jet Toilet

FXR-S-3130 Series

Compact Off Floor Blowout Toilet


Quick Ship Front Access Off Floor Blowout Toilet for Porcelain Retrofit

FXR-S-3810 Series

Detox Toilet

FXR-S-3910 Series

On Floor ADA Blowout Toilet

FXR-S-3920 Series

On Floor ADA Siphon Jet Toilet

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FXR-S-2110 Series

Straddle Washdown Urinal

FXR-S-2120 Series

Straddle Blowout Urinal

FXR-S-2310 Series

Stall Washdown Urinal

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