TruFIRE® High Flow 24VAC Solenoid

100137 : 2' : HF
TruFIRE® High Flow 24VAC Solenoid

Features and Benefits

The I-CON TruFIRE® 24VAC high flow solenoid is designed for use where high water flow for lavatories or showers is required and will attach to and operate any of the I-CON correctional flush valves, lavatory valves, shower valves, or retrofit cartridges.

  • Voltage: 24VAC 50/60Hz
  • Inrush current: 0.25 AMP
  • Holding current: 0.18 AMP
  • Closing type: Slow closing with soft close feature
  • Sealing surface: EPDM
  • Max. operating pressure: 100 PSI
  • Min. operating pressure: Positive close
  • Max. fluid temperature: 120° F
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Installation and Maintenance