COBALT Connect™ Cloud Connected Retrofit Kit for Concealed Urinal and Water Closet Flush Valves

COBALT Connect™ Retrofit Kit for Exposed Manual Urinal and Water Closet Flush Valves I-CON EDGE® Compatible

Features and Benefits

Simple. Powerful. Accurate. - The COBALT Connect™ cloud connected retrofit kit, featuring our patented ProLAST® T-Seal technology, provides a single piece dynamic sealing mechanism with an integral bypass filter, glass reinforced polymer with overmolded seals. The rigid design allows for a more ideal flush profile. Built in pressure transducer provides additional flush volume accuracy. This retrofit kit can be used to retrofit most common diaphragm mechanically and automatically actuated flush valves.

Upgrade to Savings
  • Save Water - 1.1 gpf on 1.6 gallon fixture
  • Save on Maintenance - Lasts up to 5 times longer than standard diaphragms
  • Save Time - Retrofit in under 5 minutes
Standard Features
  • As low as 0.125 gpf / 0.5 Lpf flush volume for urinals and 1.1 gpf / 4.2 Lpf for water closets
  • Cloud based I-CON EDGE® compatible
  • Flush accuracy is controlled by I-CON's ProLAST® T-Seal and TruFLUSH® technologies
  • Real-time clock for schedules and accurate reporting
  • Smart Mode settings for enhanced customer experience and battery power savings
  • Automatic sensor range adjustment
  • Troubleshooting LED indicating lights
  • Sloan and Zurn flush valve retrofit kits available - eliminates existing diaphragm
  • T-Seal constructed using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for added durability and chemical resistance
  • Integral stainless steel filter
  • Overmolded seals and enginee red glass reinforced polymers for long life and durability
  • Single part dynamic sealing mechanism for reduced maintenance and simplicity
  • Email summary reports of water usage, battery strength, savings and more
  • Live email alerts of pressure anomalies, high/low temperature and maintenance required
  • Firmware programming for new software and feature updates
  • Wireless settings adjustment onsite
  • Detailed logs per fixture
Advanced Features with I-CON EDGE®
  • Predictive maintenance reporting calculated using live data and diagnostics data
  • Analytics including detailed graphs of water usage, fixture usage and more
  • Wireless configuration of modes, settings and more remotely from anywhere via internet access
  • Drill down ability to analyze data from buildings, areas or individual fixtures
  • Leak detection and analysis of water usage
  • Remote firmware programming for new software and feature updates
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