MOMENTUM® Flush Valve for New Work and Retrofit


Features and Benefits

Concealed water closet and urinal flush valve used new work and retrofit applications to reduce consumption and abuse.

  • Third party tested and approved for flushing 1.6 gallons on a 3.5 gallon fixture and 0.9 gallons on a 1.6 gallon fixture
  • Additional savings flushing 0.5 gallons on 1.0 gallon urinal and ability to flush 1 pint on urinal
  • No metering diaphragms to fail and clog
  • Engineered non-metallic valve body made from high strength glass filled polymer for advanced corrosion resistance
  • Ability to flush using manual bypass handle
  • Straight through flow path to maximize flush velocity and provide superior force of flush
  • Solenoid is interchangeable with other I-CON correctional valves reducing spare parts
  • Positive valve shut-off after pressure loss eliminating continual flush of typical flushometers
  • Easily retrofits to existing inlet and outlet water piping hardware
  • Flush activation adjustment to overcome calcium build-up blocking flush jets
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