NEXUS® 1 I/O AC Standalone Controller

NEXUS® 1 I/O AC Standalone Controller

Features and Benefits

24VAC standalone electronic controller used to control a single pre-tempered shower, water closet, or lavatory valve.

  • Designed for penal use and other vandal prone areas to conserve potable water consumption
  • 24VAC power with low power consumption
  • Electrical telephone plug type connectors for sensor and solenoid
  • Ability to be remotely located up to three-hundred (300) feet from the associated fixtures
  • UL listed (E308296) and independently tested
  • Adjustable program times without dip switches
  • Amber power LED illuminates with power
  • Green LEDs illuminate at each port to show the port is active
  • Red LEDs indicate block times are in effect
  • Power surge protection and voltage spike protection
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Installation and Maintenance