6 Reasons to Choose I-CON

Saving water and reducing maintenance

A Few of Our Favorites

There are many great reasons to choose I-CON correctional products for your facility. Here are a few of our favorites. To learn more, explore our Correctional Solutions or download our I-CON Advantage brochure.

Water Conservation
1 - Water Conservation

Only valve on the market to flush 1.6 gpf on a 3.5 gpf fixture and 0.9 gpf on a 1.6 gpf fixture allowing an average ROI pay off in 2 to 5 years.

Reduce Maintenance Cost
2 - Reduce Maintenance Cost

Designed on the premise of less moving parts with no diaphragms.

Stop Plumbing System Abuse
3 - Stop Plumbing System Abuse

Only flush valve to seal with 3 to 5 psi preventing "Toilet Fires" with the ability to control lock outs and run times.

Customize Security Controls
4 - Customize Security Controls

Touchscreen control of plumbing system via remote desktop with ENVISAGE® software enhancing security for contraband searches.

Install Flush Valves Remotely
5 - Install Flush Valves Remotely

Up to 60 feet from fixture for both retrofit & new work applications.

Training & Support
6 - Training & Support

Live customer support and training with online resources available 24/7.