ProLAST® T-Seal Technology

Simple. Powerful. Accurate.

Reinventing the Flushometer

Our ProLAST valve is powered by the T-Seal, a new and innovative technology that has better performance and reliability than pistons and diaphragms.

Unlike pistons and diaphragms, the T-Seal is one piece, making it easy to maintain and more dependable. It features the industry's largest bypass and a tamper-proof GPF. Without natural rubber components, it lasts up to three times longer than the industry standard. This cuts down on maintenance time and costs.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, the T-Seal is 90% more water efficient than the industry standard, setting it apart from the competition. With greater reliability, easier maintenance, and better performance, the T-Seal is the new standard.

ProLAST® T-Seal

The New Standard - Applied

COBALT® Retrofit Kit

Upgrade to ProLAST® T-Seal technology with a quick, convenient flush valve retrofit kit.

COBALT® Flush Valve

The power of ProLAST® technology in a basic, manual flush valve.

COBALT Pro™ Sensor Flush Valve

Automated ProLAST® technology in a high performance, sensor flush valve.

COBALT Connect™ Cloud Connected Flush Valve

Complete the reinvention of the flushometer with ProLAST® technology in a cutting edge, cloud connected flush valve.