Our systems save over 5 billion gallons of water every year, saving taxpayers over $30 million dollars annually

Our Commitment to Conservation

I-CON's commitment to conservation helps create less waste and preserves our natural resources by reducing the amount of incoming water, heated water, and sewage.

Over the past 25 years, customers who have retrofitted their facilities with I-CON products have typically reduced water usage by 65% to 75% per fixture, with some facilities reporting up to an 80% reduction per fixture. The per fixture savings result in facilities' overall water usage going down 40% to 60%. Thanks to those kinds of savings, other expenses, like sewer lift station upgrades, have been indefinitely postponed.

The average correctional facility uses 35,040,000 gallons of water every year. With our products, facilities save 14,600,000 gallons annually. That adds up fast. Across all of the correctional facilities using I-CON products, our systems save over 5 billion gallons of water every year and save taxpayers over $30 million dollars annually.

With I-CON's COBALT® series of products, the commitment and savings continue.

The COBALT® series flush valves lead the industry in accuracy and performance with their simple, powerful flush. Whether you retrofit a competitor's valve with the COBALT® retrofit or install a new COBALT Pro™ or COBALT Connect™ flush valve, the water savings can quickly reach over 30% on every flush valve installed.

With TruFLUSH® technology and customizable options, our COBALT Pro™ flush valves and lavatory valves allow you to choose your water savings level, from the standard 5% more savings to 10% more savings.

The cloud-based COBALT Connect™ flush valves and lavatory valves, combined with the I-CON EDGE® cloud service, bring the power of IoT and data analytics to your fingertips, giving you even more control and additional water savings. With aggregate and fixture level analytics, you can pinpoint water waste and achieve maximum water savings.


Over 65 Billion Gallons of Water Saved

Chart showing before and after water use at multiple correctional facilities