1 In / 4 Out Wired Communication Signal Booster
1 In / 4 Out Wired Communication Signal Booster

Features and Benefits

The NTC-SBR-1000-0104 is a one in, four out signal booster. It is needed when a single segment of an ENVISAGE® network has a total of more than 32 NEXUS® controllers. It breaks a single segment into four unique segments all of which can handle 32 NEXUS® controllers, effectively increasing the total to 128 (32 per output). Additionally, while adhering to the limit, all of our signal boosters can be used in any combination to produce a network.

  • New water resistant enclosure
  • Specifically designed for penal use and other vandal prone areas
  • 24 VAC power with low power consumption
  • Power switch on the exterior of the housing
  • Power surge protection and voltage spike protection
  • Power LED
  • Data LEDs illuminate at each port to show data is traveling out through the port
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