Device Controllers

Intelligent controls with proven reliability

NEXUS® Controllers

Correctional Applications
CTR-X11.3-S-01 Series

NEXUS® 1 I/O AC Standalone Controller

CTR-X11.5-B-01 Series

NEXUS® 1 I/O DC Battery Controller

CTR-X11.5-B-04 Series

NEXUS® 4 I/O DC Battery Controller

CTR-X12-AC-04 Series

NEXUS® 4 I/O AC Communication-Capable Controller

CTR-X12-AC-08 Series

NEXUS® 8 I/O AC Communication-Capable Controller

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NEXUS® Add-On Modules

Correctional Applications

Wireless Communication Add-On Module


NEXUS® Time Adjuster


Wired Communication Add-On Module

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Network Signal Boosters

Correctional Applications

1 In / 4 Out Wired Communication Signal Booster

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Power Sources

Correctional Applications
EC-TRS-BM-120V Series

24 Volt AC Box Mount Transformer


Battery Pack for 1 and 4 I/O NEXUS® Controllers


28 Volt AC Plug-In Transformer

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