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Seminole County Business Spotlight

I-CON featured in Seminole County, Florida's Business Spotlight.

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Water Sustainability in Prisons

While prisoners are a community's "out of sight, out of mind" population, taxpayers are footing the bill for those who are incarcerated.

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Reaping the Rewards of Reshoring

Bringing offshore work back in-house results in streamlined processes, clearer communications and quicker delivery times.

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Correctional Institutions Embrace Green Technologies

Flushing Away Problems - While water usage through laundry, kitchen and bathroom activities is expected, a correctional setting presents a different kind of challenge for facility personnel in attempting to curtail inmate water use for nefarious purposes.

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Q&A: Green Pipes

Shawn Bush, President, CEO and Co-founder of I-CON Systems talks water conservation within jails and prisons by installing electronic plumbing controls.

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Green Pinellas - Detention Cell Water Conservation

Pinellas County promotes energy and water conservation throughout all county-owned and operated facilities, as well as leased facilities where the Board of County Commissioners is responsible for utilities costs. Paul Sacco, Director of Pinellas County Real Estate Management talks about the benefits of retrofitting the facility with the I-CON System.

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Conserving H2O

As the country, both on a public and personal level, becomes more environmentally conscious about water, energy, and recycle issues, so too do correctional facilities.

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Water Conservation Behind Bars

The less water used or wasted, the less fresh water will become contaminated. Therefore, conservation of clean, fresh water is vital. Water conservation also reduces energy use and saves money. For jails and other correctional facilities, the ability to control water consumption, thereby reducing costs and at the same time managing security issues, is a priority.

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Not Made in China

A number of factors are driving Florida companies to move operations back to the Sunshine State.

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Energy Performance Projects Yield Greening and Security Benefits

Buildings in the U.S. consume a great deal of energy, and prisons are no different... correctional facilities consume a significant amount of energy per square foot.

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Thwarting Abuse and Overuse

Several years of drought in certain areas of the country have necessitated the need for better plumbing fixtures that use less water... Because this problem will continue as water becomes more scarce, demand for better plumbing fixtures using less water will be with us for many years to come.

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